A Quick Cliff Lee Cogitation

 Just a random thought on the imminent Halladay-Lee-Other People trade….Cliff Lee gets traded to the Phils mid-season to help bolster an already well-rounded club. He exceeds expectations and pitches his heart out throwing complete game gems left and right to take his team to not only the postseason, but to another World Series. He manhandles the Yanks in Game 1 AT YANKEE STADIUM no less, and gives the Phils a BIG advantage.

Apparently, the rest of the team decided to let him do all the work for the rest of the Series and falter to the Yankees in 6.

How does the Phillies repay him? They trade him to the Mariners.

‘Nuff said.



  1. David Anthony Rufo

    Thanks for commenting! As you can tell by my page layout, I’m not exactly a Phillies fan by any means. But when stuff like that happens to anyone, especially someone who pitched the way he did, it just rubs me the wrong way.

  2. David Anthony Rufo

    I think things will work themselves out for Lee when the Yanks sign him for a 6 year, $90 mil deal next year. (Along with Mauer for 7 years, $130 mil.) :op

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