John Lackey sounds like…..

Ray Romano. I can’t believe I never caught it. THEY EVEN LOOK ALIKE.
I just watched his intro into the Sox organization and I started giggling like a 12 year old boy who just heard the “P” word ( You can figure out.)

If you ever get the chance, look up the the press meet and just close your eyes and listen. I promise you, the next thing you expect to hear is Ray’s dad yell “HOLY CRAP!”

I love that man.



  1. A.J. Martelli

    You always point out such funny things about these players. I laughed so hard att his one. Keep this stuff coming, Dave. XD

  2. David Anthony Rufo

    Thanks for commenting A.J! It was like an epiphany, really. I should have named the entry ‘Everybody Loves Lackey’ (thank Vito for that one.)

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