About David Anthony Rufo

Born and raised in Dutchess County, NY, I
was introduced to Yankee baseball at a young age and
immediately fell in love with it. Also at the same time, I
discovered music as well. This is what I call, The Genesis.
Not referring to the Bible, but the GOOD Genesis of the late
60’s, before singer/songwriter Peter Gabriel left and Phil
Collins felt the need to take charge and ruin things. It was
when I had a choice; either go and play little league, or buy
a drum set and learn how to play. Obviously, this was a tough
choice for a pre-pubescent boy. But I felt that my true
calling in life was music. So I took guitar and drum lessons,
all the while never losing interest in baseball and sports in
general. Now in my early adult age, I’m living on my own and
have experienced many things, both great and disheartening.
I’ve learned a lot from these moments, these certain events
that shaped me to become the man I am today. As you will read
in my blog, I have a lot to say. I mean, A LOT. So either
you’re with me, somewhat with me, a little off-put by me, or
just plain confused. Either way, I know I’ve changed your
life even in the most tiniest of fractions, and that’s what I
love about it.


Yankees, Music ( a la the progressive rock
type) and living life my way. Sounds cheesy and cliched, but
it’s true.